Museum Hill


Photos of Motter Mansion


Built by Joshua Motter in 1890

Mansion burnt down in 1990s

Address 301 S 10th St, St Joseph 64501

History of the Mansion   

Motter Mansion, at one time was one of the finest mansion in St Joseph.  Built by Joshua Motter in 1890.  It was Eckel and Mann design.  Motter was born Nov 1, 1846 in Williamsport, MD.  Son of Isaac Motter, a farmer of Washington County, Md. and of Mary Motter. 

Joshua married Kate Augusta Barrow, daughter of John E. Barrow, a merchant and stock broker of New York City and of Katherine Barrow.  Joshua Motter moved to St Joseph in the 1880s and was a partner with Toothe, Wheeler, and Motter Mercantile Company. 

    Motter's son, John Motter worked for the Mercantile father with his father and moved into the mansion.  Joshua Motter died September 19, 1917 and the Motter Mausoleum at Mount Mora Cementery.