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     Museum Hill Neighborhood Association is starting the New Year with remarkable goals.  We do not want to just preserve the richness of our historical community but revitalize the community to the golden years of the early 1900s.  We want visitors to our community to feel as if they are walking through an interactive history tour.  Our new website has the miraculous history of these homes and the original occupants whom were the founding members of St Joseph.  We want period lighting down our paver sidewalks and roads, digital cameras to prevent vandalism, restore exteriors to our endangered homes, memorial plaques to amazing architectural feats which were lost, historical parks, and most importantly community events.  We want to bring the St Joseph community together with free Easter Egg Hunts at the Mansion, Movies in the Park, photos with Santa, Art Fairs and much more.  These events will not just be entertaining for the St Joseph Families; but also increase tourism, visitors to our historic downtown, and encourage economic development.  Museum Hill Neighborhood Association is dedicated to restoring one of Missouri's most prized national treasures.
      These goals come at a price and being a simple non-profit organization and community, we do not have the funds to match our ambition.  Partnering with our St Joseph community stores and leveraging the use of technology; we have developed an innovative way to meet our goals. 

Partnering with individuals can purchase gift cards through our organization and a portion of the proceeds goes to help fund our community development projects.  Walmart, Home Depot, Amazon, Starbucks, and hundreds of others stores have partner with us to make our dream a reality.  The gift cards can be purchase online, through your smart phone, or through the Museum Hill Neighborhood Association. 

     To help support the Museum Hill community by purchasing a gift card; just got to and register with our Family / Enrollment Code: 33LFEEAC54912.

For those with Smart Phones you can download the MyScripWallet App.  The app allows you to purchase, spend, and reload gift cards all through your phone.  For those that live in St Joseph that want to purchase gift cards please order through our Order Form or Purchase Online and delivery will be approximately 30 days.  It is completely Secure and Safe.  Remember, if you live in St Joseph, we can order gift cards and we deliver once a month, but we encourage all participants to use their smart phones for purchases because it is instantaneous.
      Please support our community, so we can cherish one of our historical national jewels and making it inviting for all visitors.  We appreciate your support and look forward to your visit to our Historical Museum Hill Neighborhood. 

Go to our Fundraising Tutorial Page.

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Museum Hill NeighborHood Association

This  page of Elegant Museum Hill is dedicated to MHNA members, Museum Hill Residents, and our fellow communities. 


Landmark Commission New Year Address:

In the wake of the devastating recent losses of important buildings in our historic neighborhoods and downtown, it is certainly easy to feel discouraged. What we have lost we can never regain, and it is sad to witness the demolition of significant landmarks and their exquisite craftsmanship.

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Museum Hill

Message from the MHNA President:

Hi neighbors and fellow members of the Museum Hill Association!
In 2017, I will be promoting processes that will give all members the opportunity to interact with one another.  This can be done with all forms of communication, but with a special emphasis on one-on-one contact by telephone and/or in person.  Even the smallest of projects needs a Three-Person Committee if for no other reason than planning to get the most benefits and creating city-wide publicity of the event.  As a Board of Directors, we will be involved in setting in writing, a progressive Standard of Operating Procedures that can be used as a guide for future MHNA Boards.  We will also look at the by-laws to insure that they are up-to-date, that we are following them correctly, and that they project the will of all MHNA members.  In closing, I look forward to presiding over our first meeting of 2017 at the City Hall meeting room and as always, NO REGULAR MEETING IS CLOSED TO ANY PAID MEMBER, MHNA RESIDENT OR INTERESTED PERSON.

Trash Code.  Read Code

    To counter issues with trash in our beautiful neighborhood, we created a one page synopsis of the St Joseph Waste Management Code.  Please read, and help work with our association and the City of St Joseph to ensure the code is enforced.     Synopsis of Code.


President: Michelle Schaup

Vice President: John Stuckenschneider

Secretary: David Bezona

Treasurer: Jo Anne Grey


In addition to officers, elected board members serve two year terms: Tom Rinderknecht, Lisa Rock, Brenda Reilly, Charles Medley​   


The Downtown Partnership

Rhabecca Boerkircher 816-233-9121

Old Town North Neighborhood

Isobel McGowan 816-232-2667

Harris Kemper Historic District

President Nikki Poirier 816-244-5628